Dear Church Family,
My family and I will be travelling next week to the 46th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) in Atlanta, GA. This is the highest church court of our denomination. Over one thousand delegates (pastors and elders) will gather for worship and to conduct the business of the church. We hear reports about the work of the various agencies of our denomination, debate and vote concerning matters of the church, and set general policy and procedures for the greater church. There are also informal times of fellowship, catching up with old friends, and making new ones.
For most members of the church who have never attended General Assembly, a regional presbytery meeting, or even a session meeting at the local church level, it is sometimes difficult to follow or understand what takes place in these meeting. For those who would like to learn more and get a glimpse of what goes at these church courts, here are some links to items that may be of interest:
Docket – this is a six-page document with the scheduled events and business of the General Assembly.
Overtures – this is a list of the thirty-nine overtures that have been sent up to the General Assembly. Overtures can come from individuals, sessions, or presbyteries; they are a kind of petition, requesting the General Assembly to discuss and vote on a particular matter (e.g., a change to the constitutional documents of our church).
Worship Schedule – There will be three worship services during the General Assembly, one each on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Live Streaming & Video Archives – There will be live-streaming video of all the business sessions and worship services of the General Assembly. Soon after each session, those videos will be archived at this site, as well. Even if you’re not able to watch while it happens, I recommend viewing the worship services and parts of the business sessions of the archived video just to get a sense of what General Assembly is like.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Please pray for our family as we travel, and for this meeting of the highest court of our denomination.
The Lord be with you!
- Pastor Peter M. Dietsch